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Did not realize I was going to be a teacher

At the beginning of 2020 I was working fulltime. We had our daughter in preschool. I had already enrolled her in public school for kindergarten. I was in no way prepared to become a teacher to 5-year old. Biggest fear.... teaching her how to READ! AGGHHHHH!!!!

I had daydreamed a few times about homeschooling my kids. However, my husband and I agreed that for our schedules, public school was best. Would I even have the patience to homeschool? Half the time we don't get past breakfast before momma needs a break. Lets be serious.

After Michigan shut down the schools, I homeschooled her the rest of the year. Which was fine, it was preschool. Play a little, color, play a little, snack, and off we go. I was no way prepared to homeschool for Kindergarten. Like I said, she was enrolled to start Kindergarten in our local school district. My husband and I discussed what to do over, and over again. Neither one of us wanted to wear the dreaded face diaper, and we didn't want her to wear one 7 hours a day either. After much research I decided on a curriculum, purchased, spoke to EVERY connection I had to homeschooling, and prayed A TON.

I walked into this completely blind. I did not know if we would be successful. I did not know what the heck I was doing. I was scared that my little girl would fail, and I would be the reason. So many fears flooded me. What did I know for sure? I knew I loved my children more then life itself. I knew that no matter the sacrifice, I was ready to make that sacrifice. I also knew I was 100% committed to providing the best level of "normal" that I could provide. The first few months was up, and down. I learned a lot about how my kiddo learned, and about myself. I was taught a really humbling lesson in patience.

Fast forward to the end of the year. Can she read? No. Does she know all of her letters by name? No. Did we school 6-8 hours a day? No. Am I concerned? No, I am not. My daughter did amazing. She learned so quickly. During the process of teaching her, I also tried to pay attention to how she learned best. She may not be able to tell you an R is an R, but she can tell you the sound. She excels in science, and math. Which is great! With homeschooling you learn that your child sets the pace to their learning. As a parent I want her to understand, and we do not go ahead until she does. Its different then public school, where the teacher sets the pace, and the child can and will be left behind not understanding. I know this from personal experience.

If your considering homeschooling, which is on a all time rise. Its amazing. The rewards out weigh the negatives. Every day will not be easy, and some days you will question yourself. At the end, you will be so happy with your choice. I am so happy with ours.

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